List of Japan Banks with Zengin Bank Code

Sr. No. BanK NameZengin Bank Code Bank Type
1Abashiri Shinkin Bank1031Cooperative Regional Financial Institutions
2Abrand Hagi Nokyo Bank8223Agricultural Cooperative Bank
3Abukuma Ishikawa Nokyo Bank4104Agricultural Cooperative Bank
4Abukuma Shinkin Bank1188Cooperative Regional Financial Institutions
5Adachi Seiwa Shinkin Bank1327Cooperative Regional Financial Institutions
6Adachino Nokyo Bank4726Agricultural Cooperative Bank
7AGatsuma Nokyo Bank4626Agricultural Cooperative Bank
8Aichi Ama Nokyo Bank6514Agricultural Cooperative Bank
9Aichi Bank0542Regional Banks
10Aichi Bito Nokyo Bank6466Agricultural Cooperative Bank
11Aichi Chita Nokyo Bank6531Agricultural Cooperative Bank
12Aichi Chuo Nokyo Bank6552Agricultural Cooperative Bank
13Aichi Higashi Nokyo Bank6591Agricultural Cooperative Bank
14Aichi Kita Nokyo Bank6470Agricultural Cooperative Bank
15Aichi Mikawa Nokyo Bank6572Agricultural Cooperative Bank
16Aichi Minami Nokyo Bank6615Agricultural Cooperative Bank
17Aichi Nishi Nokyo Bank6483Agricultural Cooperative Bank
18Aichi Shinkin Bank1550Cooperative Regional Financial Institutions
19Aichi Shogin Shinkumi Bank2442Credit Cooperative
20Aichi Toyota Nokyo Bank6582Agricultural Cooperative Bank
21Aichi-ken Chuo Shinkumi Bank2451Credit Cooperative
22Aichi-ken Iryo Shinkumi Bank2446Credit Cooperative
23Aichi-ken Ishi Shinkumi Bank2447Credit Cooperative
24Aichi-ken Keisatsu Shinkumi Bank2443Credit Cooperative
25Aichi-ken Shingyoren Bank9471Fishery Cooperative Bank
26Aichi-ken Shinren Bank3022Community-based Financial Institution for Farmers
27Aioi-shi Nokyo Bank7316Agricultural Cooperative Bank
28Aira Izu Nokyo Bank6342Agricultural Cooperative Bank
29Aira Nokyo Bank9319Agricultural Cooperative Bank
30Aizu Iide Nokyo Bank4160Agricultural Cooperative Bank
31Aizu Midori Nokyo Bank4175Agricultural Cooperative Bank
32Aizu Minami Nokyo Bank4189Agricultural Cooperative Bank
33Aizu Nokyo Bank4148Agricultural Cooperative Bank
34Aizu Shinkin Bank1181Cooperative Regional Financial Institutions
35Aizu Shoko Shinkumi Bank2096Credit Cooperative
36Akagi Shinkumi Bank2143Credit Cooperative
37Akagi Tachibana Nokyo Bank4540Agricultural Cooperative Bank
38Akan Nokyo Bank3338Agricultural Cooperative Bank
39Akashi Nokyo Bank7239Agricultural Cooperative Bank
40Aki Nokyo Bank7916Agricultural Cooperative Bank
41Akigawa Nokyo Bank5039Agricultural Cooperative Bank
42Akita Bank0119Regional Banks
43Akita Furusato Nokyo Bank3878Agricultural Cooperative Bank
44Akita Hokuo Nokyo Bank3773Agricultural Cooperative Bank
45Akita Kita Nokyo Bank3764Agricultural Cooperative Bank
46Akita Koto Nokyo Bank3798Agricultural Cooperative Bank
47Akita Minami Nokyo Bank3805Agricultural Cooperative Bank
48Akita Obako Nokyo Bank3855Agricultural Cooperative Bank
49Akita Shinkin Bank1120Cooperative Regional Financial Institutions
50Akita Shinsei Nokyo Bank3825Agricultural Cooperative Bank
51Akita Shirakami Nokyo Bank3784Agricultural Cooperative Bank
52Akita Yamamoto Nokyo Bank3795Agricultural Cooperative Bank
53Akita-ken Shinkumi Bank2075Credit Cooperative
54Alps Chuo Shinkin Bank1396Cooperative Regional Financial Institutions
55Alps Nokyo Bank5888Agricultural Cooperative Bank
56Ama Higashi Nokyo Bank6503Agricultural Cooperative Bank
57Amagasaki Shinkin Bank1688Cooperative Regional Financial Institutions
58Amakusa Nokyo Bank9070Agricultural Cooperative Bank
59Amakusa Shinkin Bank1955Cooperative Regional Financial Institutions
60Amami Nokyo Bank9363Agricultural Cooperative Bank
61Amami Oshima Shinkin Bank1993Cooperative Regional Financial Institutions
62Amami Shinkumi Bank2895Credit Cooperative
63Amarumemachi Nokyo Bank4022Agricultural Cooperative Bank
64America Bank0403Foreign Banks
65Anan Nokyo Bank8268Agricultural Cooperative Bank
66Anan Shinkin Bank1803Cooperative Regional Financial Institutions
67Aoba Nokyo Bank5895Agricultural Cooperative Bank
68Aoi Mori Shinkin Bank1105Cooperative Regional Financial Institutions
69Aoki Shinkin Bank1252Cooperative Regional Financial Institutions
70Aomori Bank0117Regional Banks
71Aomori Nokyo Bank3373Agricultural Cooperative Bank
72Aomori-ken Shingyoren Bank9451Fishery Cooperative Bank
73Aomori-ken Shinkumi Bank2030Credit Cooperative
74Aomori-ken Shinren Bank3002Community-based Financial Institution for Farmers
75Aozora Bank0398Other Banks
76Aozora Nokyo Bank9338Agricultural Cooperative Bank
77Aozora Shintaku Bank0310Bank Holding Company
78Arai Shinkin Bank1377Cooperative Regional Financial Institutions
79Arida Nokyo Bank7559Agricultural Cooperative Bank
80Asahi Shinbun Shinkumi Bank2580Credit Cooperative
81Asahi Shinkin Bank1303Cooperative Regional Financial Institutions
82Asahikawa Nokyo Bank3210Agricultural Cooperative Bank
83Asahikawa Shinkin Bank1020Cooperative Regional Financial Institutions
84Asahina Nokyo Bank3664Agricultural Cooperative Bank
85Asakano Nokyo Bank4730Agricultural Cooperative Bank
86Ashikaga Bank0129Regional Banks
87Ashikaga Oyama Shinkin Bank1221Cooperative Regional Financial Institutions
88Ashikaga-shi Nokyo Bank4533Agricultural Cooperative Bank
89Ashikita Nokyo Bank9043Agricultural Cooperative Bank
90Ashin Nokyo Bank7847Agricultural Cooperative Bank
91Ashiyoro-cho Nokyo Bank3289Agricultural Cooperative Bank
92Aso Nokyo Bank8964Agricultural Cooperative Bank
93Asuka Shinkumi Bank2060Credit Cooperative
94Asunaro Shinkumi Bank2396Credit Cooperative
95Atsugi-shi Nokyo Bank5152Agricultural Cooperative Bank
96Australia Commonwealth Bank0487Foreign Banks
97Australia New Zealand Bank0485Foreign Banks
98Awa Bank0172Regional Banks
99Awa Nokyo Bank4876Agricultural Cooperative Bank
100Awa-cho Nokyo Bank8296Agricultural Cooperative Bank
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